“Mi Altered Conuco” is a site-specific collaborative installation that is rooted in creating an inclusive space amongst human beings from all walks of life. The thought “soy de allá, pero toy aquí, pero no me siento ni de allá ni de aquí” (I am from there, but I am here, but I don’t feel like going back or staying) mirrors the internal feelings that are occuring for me during these moments of my life due to legal displacements. Being present I have recognized the external place has no power or meaning but rather the human connection that is created when I walk through different spaces. As I walk along this journey I ground myself in this, “At the end of the day, we need to genuinely connect with ourselves and others to feel grounded anywhere we are.”
*Conuco: Family farm. A peculiar word to the Dominican dialect. Origin: Taínos (Arawak subgroup) 
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