Dear human being,

Espero que estés teniendo un día súper jevi.

El Nuevo Mundo lll (ENM lll) as a participatory zing is a question I did on my instagram when a lot of old zings started to unravel in 2020. This version is based on the creation of a f_l____u_i_d data base around elpresente-afro-indigenous-post-colonial-binary-extractive-linear (etc etc etc) possibilities of what I-we want to see in the world through the exchange of open source resources // invisible knots.
If you'd like to be a corista // participate you can send your response to the question HOW DO YOU IMAGINE THE NEW WORLD // NOT-NORMALITY?, related resources (name of books, documentaries, authors, theories, etc), your IG handle (if you want to) and your first name (or a fake name) or a (real fake name) to @trepelito.
Your response will be 24hrs at @trepelito stories and then it will be "forever" exhibited at the ENM lll @trepelito highlight. 
Con mucho amor,
Question: what do I-you want in the new world? // qué yo-tu quieres en el nuevo mundo?

El Nuevo Mundo l, Oaxaca, MX

El Nuevo Mundo ll, Garnerville, NY

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