Trepelito is the combination of two words in Spanish “tres” and the diminutive of “pelos”, which translates to   “three 
strands    of
            hair” referring to the wakeup call
Johanna Castillo had on her true identity as a Dominicana by cutting all her straighten hair, and letting her natural curls come out.

Trepelito is a multidisciplinary design & art studio constructing functional and interactive worlds focused on exploration and human connection. We integrate craftsmanship, research and care to develop community-based projects and performances that radiate human dignity.
 The studio creates 
boldly peculiar objects from sculptures, furniture, and soft goods to interactive installations and spaces that explore the concept of safe space. We aim to discover an immersive world, that reinforce the strength of individuality through collaboration. The spirit of connection lives through our compositions, and it is immersed by each being that engages with our magical world.
We need to connect with ourselves de verdad, to be able to connect with others and nature.   
Johanna Castillo (b. 1995, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – la isla) integrates practices of collaborative performances, textile craft, sculptures, inclusive workshops and discourses around safe space in response to concerns on human connections, social constructs, colonization, human rights and natural resources devastation. After experiencing a nomadic stage in her life, being born and raised in la isla and living in New York for over 3 years, she realized that a safe space is not entitled to a constraint territory, but a state that we wake up to when we recognize each others as humans.   
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